4149G Skyrise Improved Prototype Scissor Lift


  1. gryglascience

    Our improved scissor lift design! We still have lots of work to do, but
    wanted to share what we have so far with other VEX teams out there.

  2. Rap Rabbit


  3. Spyder 1622A

    Great job! We saw your first video and we see improvement in this one. Rock
    on! (Yes, we are cheesy like that.)

  4. Steven Carpenter

    Team 6307,
    I am the coach of a Middle School team VERY interested in the idea of using
    this rack and pinion for a scissor lift. Anyway we can see some close-up
    pictures? Thanks! Hope to talk soon!

  5. MINECRAFTnAhalf

    Team 5658E here! Some of the scissor lift designs i’ve seen at competitions
    have been really bad. I’m glad someone had the decency to build one that
    actually works. We use an elevator lift that can reach maximum 5 Skyrise
    and 4 Cubes with a claw for Skyrises and a passive cube intake. We are
    still deciding on a base to use as ours is really unconventional. I’ve been
    thinking of an X drive but if you have any suggestions that’d be great!

  6. ben lewer

    Team 6182A
    Love the design, we are building something like it but our main struggle
    right now is mounting the rack and pinion onto the scissor lift. Any
    suggestions, pictures, etc?
    You can shoot me an email at benlewer@gmail.com. Thank you!

  7. Jacob Klug

    hey I’m making a vex bot with a rack and pinion controlled scissor lift and
    id like some close ups of the pinion

  8. German Villalongo

    Just a suggestion, I’m not sure if you’re having any problems with friction
    on your lift but adding bearings and washers to the linkages definitely
    helps by minimizing the contact between metals. Also, you should make sure
    that you linkage tightness isn’t exceeding what you really need as in when
    it comes to scissor lifts it could very well damage the whole mechanism. I
    don’t see any of these problems on your video except for the bearings
    recommendation but I still commented as a heads up because if
    you’ve overtightened your linkages you could speed it up by reducing your
    friction and your tightness. Bearings provide an indisputably great
    mounting space for your linkage screws whilst also reducing damage to the
    metal and the screw. Anyway, good luck, your robot looks very well built
    and it works well other than that. What you’ve gotta work on from now on
    are the details that distinguish a good robot from an excellent robot.

    Best of wishes from Intrabot Robotics | 2223M Robotics

  9. chickenandfladnag

    Loving the design! Any chance of up close pictures? It’s really awesome and
    Id love to see more!

    email me at chickenandfladnag (at) gmail (dot) com 

  10. Dontae Clifton-fletcher

    this is awsome


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