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. Well, I have your answer right here. Business leaders today are looking for solutions to empower and retain employeesand accessible technology can help do just that. See below for resources to help you discover the business value of integrating accessible technology into your organization's technology plans, and learn about an effective 5-step implementation process. ——————————————————————————– In this section: The Business Value of Integrating Accessible Technology into Organizations Discover how accessible technology helps businesses keep great employees, recruit from a larger pool of candidates, and enhance team collaboration and communication among all employeesincluding those with disabilities. Understanding Accessible Technology Overview about what accessible technology is and the current need and demand. Developing an Accessible Technology Plan Get an overview of an effective 5-step plan for integrating accessible technology into corporate technology plans and Identifying the Right Assistive Technology. Aging Workforce and Accessible Technology The effects of America's aging workforce are expected to significantly impact business growth and productivity in the near future. Find out how the coming demographic shift will affect your business. The Future of Accessible Technology In the next decade, the lines between mainstream expectations for technology and what we now call "accessible technology" will continue to blur significantly. More and more, computers will adjust to a person rather than the person adjusting to the computer.

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