Carpenter Technology

Hello I'm wondering whats the big differnce in Design and Technology and Transportation and Technology? I'm deciding which one of these classes I should take for next year. I prefer hands on work rather than drawing but then you need to be able to know how to draw it to do it? I'm not sure I've been getting different ideas from different people. Which of these courses leads to something like being a Carpenter when I'm older? Lol well im still in grade 9 =] I don't have many choices between them so I guess Design and Tech is the closest thanks. Well, I have your answer right here. If you want to be a carpenter,you are on the wrong track. It is not a 5 minute job to learn skills in wood. You need to make your mind up,as to what you want to do. D&T is the closest of the two you are thinking of,when it comes to hands on.

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