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Up until recently I haven't had any issues with my wireless internet provider, but since I moved I've noticed that it likes to cut out, disconnect me, and generates lag when I'm playing games some times. So rather than put up with any more of this, I've decided I'd like to upgrade. To a hardline connection, to be precise. My question is, which providers would you recommend to me, and which would you advise I steer clear of? Keep in mind, customer service isn't a huge deal for me, as long as the internet goes up, stays up, and doesn't give me issues. From what I can tell… Internet Provider :- The internet provider is the single most important factor that determines how great your internet speed will run. Some areas are very limited on selecting different providers and will not have much choice on their speed. For those of us that have the luxury to select from different providers, I prefer the following: Verizon Verizon has been widely accepted as the ultimate provider for the gaming masses. When they launched their Verizon FiOS campaign a few years ago, they had a very intense emphasis on gaming. For a period of time they even sponsored the female gaming team PMS as spokespersons for the FiOS product. FiOS is still very hard to come by and is primarily located on the east coast. Comcast They have actually improved over the last few years, especially with their customer service. They have recently upgraded most of their infrastructure to a fiber-optic network. There are some seriously fast speeds they claim to attain nowadays. There are many different internet providers within each region of the US, try to get some feedback from other people using their provider before committing to one. Internet Speeds :- FiOS Is currently the king of internet speeds. There is still limited availability, but if you are fortunate enough to game using a Fiber Optics connection you know what all the fuss is about. Verizon FiOS delivers speeds around 20MB Down / 5MB Up. Cable Cable is faster than DSL and Dial up (slower than FiOS) and usually offers anywhere from 3MB of bandwidth to 15MB of bandwidth. The reality of Cable internet is that it is usually shared between however many people are using the providers connection within a given neighborhood or area. During peak hours, Cable internet users takes a huge hit in their download speeds. DSL DSL is almost a cross between Cable and Dial up. Speeds vary from 768KBps to about 3MB of bandwidth. The speeds are based on the proximity to your service providers office an obvious disadvantage of having DSL. Another slight disadvantage is that the upload speeds (data sent out) over the internet are always slower than Cable. If you live in close proximity to your service provider, DSL is a great service. Download & Upload :- Lets get a few things out in the open; a consistent download speed is pretty much all you need to game, however if you experience frequent highs and lows or spikes in your download speed you have an issue on your hands. Spiking can mean a wide variety of things such as a bad router, peak time for internet use, or bad ISP equipment. If you are in a dorm or using cable internet, you know all about the peak time connection spikes theres really no remedy for college students. Routers and equipment need to be tested and optimized in order to get the most out of your connection speed. A basic rule of thumb is the higher your download speed, the less likely you will experience lag. Hope it hepls . BEST OF LUCK ……………

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  1. Terry Hall415

    If it is available in your area, I would suggest Cox. Cox is one of the fastest net service providers I've seen.

  2. Jasmine Eaddy

    FiOS if it's available in your area and you can afford it. Comcast otherwise. I use Comcast and my gaming speeds never lag out.

  3. Karen Lowell

    If you need some fast internet, than go with verizon. Comcast also works great, aspecially if you plug in to the router.

  4. Ursula Hall865

    Comcast rarely has problems, but when they do it takes forever to get them fixed, as their Customer service is lacking. If you get Comcast I suggest a package. I have the XFinity one. Verizon has problems often, but their Customer service is less lacking than Comcast. I have no experience with Cox, but I hear they are Good, but also more expensive then the other two.


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