Clean Window Air Conditioner for Best Coolling


  1. Kevin S.

    fin comb! always wondered about that; i’ve spent hours trying to use a
    screwdriver! i forget to always use the Right Tool for the Job! thanks for
    the great info!

  2. Cheryl Jackson

    Wow! I always wondered about that, and it can be fixed.

  3. sarah ritz

    Thanks for making this video! I had no idea what a fin, or fin comb, was.
    They should include the comb with the unit. 

  4. Marco Polo

    removeand? lol

  5. Susan Littleton

    Thank you for the fin comb info!!! Now I need to know how to get my little
    window unit to stop freezing up and start cooling. The compressor comes on
    but it’s not cooling.

  6. Nader AL OTAIBI


  7. Jeremy Renaud

    Great Info! Thanks!

  8. msjoanneification

    Please use a stationery camera or someone with a steady hand…I got dizzy!

  9. Casey Pascarella

    Fin combs I never knew it, thanks

  10. anneamerican

    Thank you ..very helpful video… I’m gonna look at my local
    home-improvement stores for the tool or online … Unless you have a link
    ..I like the set that you have -can you tell me where you got it ,please ?

  11. Michelle M. Moody

    Ok, so I’ve been in my apartment now for 4 years and NEVER cleaned my ac
    units … I know, I know, gross right? But last season I stared noticing
    what looks like mold on the front panel. Been watching vids here on YouTube
    on how to clean an ac unit, so I’ll be getting to cleaning mine once and
    for all, lol!

    My ac unit is pretty secure, in fact, it’s not in the window but right
    below it, in the wall and I’m on the top floor! With that being said, I
    can’t get to the other side to clean it … Any suggestions?

  12. Sze Yong Wong

    Thanks for sharing Dino.

  13. Randy Agnew

    I have a window unit much like you have in this video. I’m getting my air
    conditioner cleaned up for the summer season. It has a fair amount of
    black mold. What is the best cleaning solution to use to clean the inside
    and fin panel. I understand that bleach is “not good” to use around the
    copper coils. Any thoughts or recommendations.

  14. Joe Tafia

    Nice thanks for the info helps a lot

  15. Brian Richards

    Thank you for the instructions I’ve been cleaning out my air conditioning
    before watching this video my air conditioning unit gets dirty because I
    have cockateils they have powder that goes up into the air conditioner fins
    it gets really hot in my apartment and the air is not blowing like it’s
    supposed to be doing is there a way of cleaning up the dust out of the Fens
    please help me thank you

  16. magicrobharv

    Dino – you rock, brother man!!! Thanks for posting this video. I watched it
    before going out to the store to buy things to clean out my air
    conditioner. sums up to your video and for putting such good information
    out there. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

  17. Edward Schubert

    thanks for showing me that simple tool,,,,going to the store tomorrow to
    get it.

  18. noe gallardo

    Cleaning the filter worked great…. thanks amigo!

  19. andres jimenez

    nice thank you

  20. George N

    Hey Dino, my Friedrich Kuhl AC cools and then stops after a certain period
    of time. I noticed when removing the carbon filter that there was extreme
    ice build up in the grill (fins) area. Friedrich Website FAQ says that
    running the unit at lowest temp & fan speed can cause condensation to build
    up. I like sleeping cold and don’t have this issue with the larger model
    which is in my living room. Any suggestions on what I can do to
    remove/prevent the ice build up and troubleshoot this issue? thanks..

  21. Michelle Sanchez

    Can you wet the fan

  22. Crimes Herald

    Holy shit!!! Dino scares the hell out of me!! I’m outta here y’all!!

  23. Jennifer Mcateer


  24. Cheryl Coker

    T hank you for the informative video….and the accent! I learned a lot
    from you and now I have a question please.
    What if a person can not remove the unit from their window, such as a
    widow? Can I use hose with a spray end and spray really well through the
    vents? I know it will not clean as well, but would it make a difference? I
    can not remove it out of the window. I cleaned the front part, in the
    house, as much as possible , without moving the coils. (so happy to see how
    to straighten the bent coils, with the fin comb, with some strength behind
    it. I would have been too easy .)

    So , how to clean , as best as can , with unit still in the window.

    Thank you, from Texas.

  25. Sheila Hicks

    Now I know!!!… Fin comb!! Thanks man!./


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