Fibre Optic Internet

From my understanding the signal through an optic fiber cable is supposed to travel at close to the speed of light (299 792 458 m/s or 299 792km/s). The Earth's circumference is 40,075 km. So that means a signal would be able to circumnavigate the globe (299 792km/s)/(40,075 km) = 7. 48 times in a second if you had a hypothetical giant fibre optic cable that was wrapped around the Earth's circumference. If a signal can travel at that speed that would mean it would take 1/7. 48 = 0. 13 seconds (or 13ms) for that signal to travel a single time around the Earth. So in other words if the entire world's copper based telecom networks were replaced with optic fiber cabling (will happen in the distant distant future) you should technically be able to play an online mulitplayer game with someone halfway around the world with


  1. Depressed Baghwan780

    Greatly reduce.your logic sounds about right.

  2. Valen

    Nope. It would be pretty difficult to connect mostly all computer in the world to each other with their own private fiber links. In the real world, there are switches, routers, and other devices sitting between any devices on any fiber link. The latency added by those devices to process each packet they receive is where most slowdowns occur.

  3. Daytona Richards

    The signal travels at the speed of light, reguardless of the medium. Light just travels faster through some medea than others. But in theory yes, although it is still slowed down by processes such as routing, packet inspection in firewalls and congestion on the network

  4. Mindy Richards

    If you had a direct connection between your computer and the other computer, with only repeaters as needed, then you would be 100% correct. Where it falls apart is you must remember that the internet is not computers directly connected to each other, it is comprised of networks of computers connected together. Therefore there will always be bottlenecks, plus the overhead of error correction, media change , etc.


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