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I mean to call my friends landline number . . … Free pc to phone software . I was so happy to find this — Skype. Com is for pc to pc and pc to landline but the catch is you have to have a headset and/or microphone for a computer, speakers, and a High Speed Internet Connection. Although PC to 800 and 888 and 877#s are free, PC to Landline and PC (SkypeOut) cost a certain price per minute. Plans:Skype Out: A cheap way to make calls from Skype to people still using traditional phones and mobiles. No line rental, no contract fees. Plans:Skype In: Get your own phone number for Skype. Family, friends and business contacts can call you from traditional phones, and you pick up the call in Skype. Comes with free Skype Voicemail. (Skype Phone# Sold Seperately) Plans:Skype Voicemail:If youre offline in Skype, too busy or just plain don't feel like talking to anyone right now, let Skype Voicemail pick up the call instead. (Must Have Skype Phone#)

With iCall, you can make free world wide web calls in the US and Canada. Here is the website: ICall. Com My iCall number is 1-646-465-7602 and my extension is 3176428.

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