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I was looking into getting a zune hd in the next few weeks as I prefer zune over ipod and my old zune is well. . old. Can anyone tell me what the internet on it is like? I have heard its slow and has trouble with youtube and similar sites, any info or likes/dislikes about the zune hd are helpful. Thanks I really dont like ipods which is why im asking this, and im pretty sure I would lose all my songs if I went to an itouch from zune right. I was so glad to find this — I got the zune HD for christmas and I am getting disappointed. They’re not adding apps everyday and no updates. It’s sad. The battery life is, honestly, horrible. And when you want to charge it and sync it, it’ll say “CONNECTED” and you can’t hear music while it’s charging – basically, you can’t have access to the zune HD when it’s hooked in into the computer. the web browser is very slow and it’s too sharp. The rendering is honestly horrible. Even if they put nividia, it’s still bad. I might return it but I think you should just get an iPod Touch or something because you’ll get what you paid for. i’m thinking about returning my zune hd, but i’m scared to tell my mom. oh, and the worst thing is, is that, it doesn’t even have a facebook app. Or watch youtube videos. NO FLASH. I’m disapointed and embarassed.

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  1. Wiz Dree

    It doesn’t play flash Ipods doesn’t either but ipod has a youtube app so thats how ipod gets on youtube. It just got an update so it is a little faster. But I don’t go on it I use my computer. . .


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