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Answer: I think the future will be a complete digital experience saturated in excess information available at whim to anyone and everyone. The home will incorporate all of these new technologies as well as other technological advances. A central server will located in the basement (or appropriate room) in the home. The central server, faster than anything we have today and a HDD space of 100 TB(terabytes), will be the heart of the most basic and advanced functions of the home. It will control entertainment, safety and security, climate, as well as information management.


As far as entertainment, the home will be wired for video and audio in virtually every room. Audio and video library will be kept on a dedicated server linked to the main home server. This will also serve as a repository for home videos as well as photos. With the advancement of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), the A/V library can be access from any screen. In addition, consoles around the home (similar to a home alarm console) will allow users to stream music to a specific room and be able to play a custom play list. This can be used in the kitchen, the work out room, porch, backyard, etc. Video will also be smarter. Watching a show or movie is now smart. You can watch a show and have options available that allow you to see more shows from that particular actor, genre, year, producer or director, commentaries, reviews, etc. It will also suggest movies that you would be interested in viewing (somewhat similar to TiVo today, but in steroids.)

Safety and Security

In terms of Security, the home will linked to the local emergency services department for limited monitoring (no big brother), as all homes in their precinct. They will be able to detect fires, break-ins, medical emergencies and dispatch professionals. In the home, the will be a set amount of motion detectors set up during specific times (nights, work/school hours, vacations) that will disable all auxiliary functions to the home and notify the owner via personal communication device (cell phone will be obsolete in the future.) After review of the situation, an option will be available to contact police immediately. Security will also turn on external lights after sunset and turn them off when the sunrises. Safety will be huge features in the kitchen and bathroom, the two most dangerous room in the home. Future homes will run on a hybrid of gas and electricity, and automatic shutoffs will be available for those categories when situations demand it. For instance, if the temperature in the kitchen (and elsewhere) rise to dangerous levels, gas will be cut off. Also in addition water cutoff will also be available to prevent flooding to the home and damaging expensive electronics. This could also prevent electrocution. In addition, reports such as entertainment usage, security and safety audits will be conducted periodically to ensure the home is running a peak capacity.


Each room in the home will be able to regulate their own climate environment (and automatically based on defined input.) Example, the kitchen can maintain room temperature while food is being cooked by cooling off the room to offset the heat. At the same time, the bathroom can heat the bathroom if it detects the shower is in use. This will be done to control humidity and to keep the person warm. Also, it can cool off the house at a specific time of day to make it comfortable when the owners return. In addition, the climate module will also control the natural light and heat the home is exposed to by automatically controlling select blinds and windows. The distribution of hot and cold water will also play a role.

Information Management

This may be one of the largest parts of the future home. IM will be responsible for the auto-maintenance of the home as much a possible. IM will generate periodic reports of several home audits. It will display entertainment usage, personal internet usage, security audit, as well as others. It will work in the kitchen to tell owners of expired food in the refrigerator (based on bar code.) and order replacement fundamental products for delivery or you to pick up. It will tell when the hamper is full and tell owner laundry should be done. It will tell when appliances need maintenance.

Aesthetically, the home will be familiar to home built today in the 21st century, however it will be technologically tricked out. Of course, will the population increasing in the future due to advancements in medicine, these homes will be reserved for the elite. Other homes will be smaller and the space will be used more efficiently. Multi-purpose rooms such as a entertainment room switches to a bed room at the push of a button will be common.

I hope my imagination is well received. Write back and tell me what you think.


  1. mrxxbrian

    a few hours ago, Animal Planet showed us how it would be like 5 millions year in the future. The human species die out from the harsh weathers and some of the animals die out too but the others evolve into these amazing creatures. these are all scienctist’s predictions of course. who knows, we may find a life on another planet

  2. Tesseract

    Small. In some places efficient for one family, in others, badly maintained and housing more than one family. It´ll get worse before it gets better. Some plans take into account subterranean housing, and also vast craterlike wells which´ll have supermodern appartements on covering the slopes.


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