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Well to buy on world-wide-web you have to be careful, but also know how to do it. . I trust only in 2 world-wide-web auction site,. 1- because is NEW and people are responsible 2- You have to be a verify member to buy or sell. Is for your own protection. . This are the sites. . You dont have to buy. Just visit the site, and also the forum or community area. . If you know another auction site PLEASE not eBay let me KNOW. . I know a lot but this 2 are the best. . ,name,FallenAngels,username,324,user_id,shop. Well, I have your answer. I do trust in world-wide-web auctions and I always use ebay. But this question seriously sounds like an ad. and I would never trust a business because it’s new, that is in no way reason to assume they’re responsible. what I would trust, if anything, is a very long and , for the most part, good track record. That’s why I use ebay, they have a very long and good track record.

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    Yes I do


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