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My boyf is secretly loggin in to chat rooms, they look like chat however some are about hooking up. I think he has an addiction to it, we have a great sex life, I did tell him I knew and he said its really nothing but im concerned, is there a guy out there with this experience to tell me thats its just fun and chat. . I'm confused. Well, I have your answer. First of all, many people who use the "Sex" chat rooms are NOT there looking for sex. I have been a member of the largest of them for years. I've made many friends there, most of whom I've never met in person. The few I have were at an organized get together of some of the group. It was a social gathering, NOT some kind of sex orgy. Some had spouses along and it was just a way for all of us to meet the others. BTW: People who go into "our" chat room looking for a quick hook up for sex usually leave when they are told why we are really there. Ask him if you can sit in with him while he's chatting. You might find that he is in the kind of room that I described. Of course if he says no way, you can assume that either he's into cyber sex, or looking for "some on the side".

Www. Memri. Org Saudi Women, Oppressed by Husbands, Turn to Stripping in Internet Chat Rooms in Search of "Admiration" Following are excerpts from a TV report . . .


  1. Mindi XXX

    It's not only fun. It is cheating. He is getting something from someone else. It is a sex addiction and very serious. I have been there, my husband finally got over it, but it was many years and we ended up getting divorced before he was able to recover from it. I still am scared at times, although I honestly don't think he is doing anything anymore.

  2. Mindy Nesmith

    Go and suck it good.

  3. A. Nesmith

    Dump him

  4. J. Baghwan416

    Got to zombo. Com

  5. A. Raneesh135

    No way. Its horribly disgusting cos someone ur chatting with rite now might turn up to be a 80 year old shrivelled old man

  6. Terry Masterson

    I think u shud dump him cause he would prob choose addiction over u. Tell him that he needs to change if he really likes u

  7. Randi Lowell

    It could be all fun but maybe the problem is cannot talk to u as dirty as he would like try whispering any thing dirty in his ear and see how it goesmost online sex chat rooms have about 60 % or more men


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