Internet Controlled Thermostat

I have looked @ Ecobee and inquired from customer service and they confirmed that the thermostat is controlled via their central servers. In other words, say I am home and connected to the same wifi router that the termostat is connected to, and using my iPhone to control the thermostat, this is how it would work: IPhone –> My Wifi Router –> Internet –> Ecobee servers –> Internet –> My Wifi Router –> thermostat . Now while I certainly see value in how this works, but why can't it be as simple as: IPhone –> Wifi router –> Honeywell Thermostat I am hoping someone knows about a good wifi thermostat that doesn't work require public internet access? Honeywell ? Thanks guys. Today I found out that… If you are home get up and go adjust the thermostat its that simple. No there is no other way to do it on internet connected thermostats, that I know of.

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