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I see many old answers that include searching for an executable that is no longer available, to more recent advice to install the Yahoo. Toolbar or Yahoo. Messenger, but nothing is working today, 4/8/09. Help. Mr Nick, I think your post was made from an autobot, 'cause my initial details to my issue included that I have already tried your suggestions. So, you FAIL. Basically… To make yahoo. Mail as the default email application ****************** ******************* ********************** The tiny program that allows you to select Yahoo. Mail as the default email application for your PC is included as part of Yahoo. Toolbar version 7. 2 and up for Internet Explorer (not Firefox). If you don't have Yahoo. Toolbar v.

7. 2 or later for Internet Explorer installed, youll need to download it before proceeding with these instructions. To download yahoo. Toolbar click this link:• Heres how to set your PC to open Yahoo. Mail when you click an email link on a web page. 1. From the Start pop-up menu in the lower left corner of your desktop, select Settings > Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel, select Internet Options. This opens the Internet Properties window.

3. Click the Programs tab along the top.

4. Click the E-mail pull-down menu, and select Yahoo. Mail.

5. Click OK. Done.

MicrosmartvTechComercial Microsoft Internet Exploror 82012-02-10T01:46:18. 000Z2012-05-04T13:32:58. 000ZHow to edit HTML using Internet Exploror 8 and 9How to edit HTML using Internet Exploror 8 and 9 You may change the view source to notepad.

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