Internet For Laptops

Do Laptops have free internet? Or do you have to get it through wherever and pay? Like if a computer comes with firefox or something do you have to pay to use the net on it. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Internet access is like electricity — it's a service that's being paid separately. When you buy an appliance, you need to purchase electricity from your utility company to make it work. The same thing with your laptop — it may or may not come packaged with an net connection. In most cases, you have to subscribe to an net service from an net service provider (ISP).

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  1. Randi Camry507

    If you've a pre-existing net connection in your house you won't have to pay anything extra. But no, laptops don't "magically" have net connections.

  2. Wizard Baghwan

    Windows computers come with Internet Explorer. Then with the IE u can download any other browsers you want

  3. Wizard Terrence

    Well if u have wifi then u can get internet from ur neighboors but only when they are on and some have paswords to get into also some restaurants have free wifi like panera bread so u can get internet there

  4. Dharmu

    You have to connect to the Internet through an ISP (Internet Service Provider) – usually your ISP is the same as your phone company or cable TV company. ISPs are not free, but your new laptop might include a special offer that lets you sign up for an ISP and not pay for a few months. The other way you might get free Internet is through Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) on your laptop; some Wi-Fi networks at stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels are free (but most are not).


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