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I have Hughes Net satellite internet and I find it impossible to play games online, the lag is horrible. Is there anything that can be done to fix the lag? Another thing is that one second the internet will be working fine, then all of a sudden everything slows down and it takes forever to load pages or watch videos. Also where I live there is no cable or dsl internet. Is there any other high speed internet that I am not aware of? Thanks. Do you know what I found? The problem with satellite Internet for gaming is latency. “Due to the great distances that satellite signals must travel, a time lag or delay has been known to occur before information can travel to the satellite and back from it. The high latency that is observed can cause problems with Internet gaming and VoIP service. However, while browsing the Internet, this delay would not be obvious to you as the end user. ” You could try a cellular mobile broadband plan. Mobile broadband will also have more latency than DSL or cable, but would be better than satellite for gaming. However the low usage limits are usually a deal breaker for primary home use. Usage Limits: Both satellite and mobile broadband have usage limits. The satellite plan will most likely have higher monthly limits. Most mobile broadband providers have a 5GB monthly limit. Even if they say they are unlimited such as Cricket does, look at the small print. They will throttle your Internet connection to a crawl once you exceed the monthly bandwidth limit. If money is no object, then you could get a dedicated T1 Internet connection. The cost is several hundred dollars per month depending on how long the connection has to be run. The speed is a constant 1. 55 Mbps with very low latency and a guaranteed level of service. You can get more T1 information here: Good Luck. .

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