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If my internet is slow has it gotto do anything with my wireless router and if so could any one recommend me to a good wireless router. I was so glad to find this — Internet Download/Upload speed has more to do with your Internet Service Plan more than the wireless router. Generally speaking, the more expensive service plan you pay for from your internet service provider, the faster the the DL/UL speed and bigger bandwidth you'd get I'm not saying your wireless router is innocent Your internet speed indeed has something to do with the wireless router, but not entirely and dramatically as with your service plan. Wireless is inherently slower than Wired to start off because Wireless Router transmits packet of information using Radio Transmission through the air. For that reason, it also makes Wireless less stable and less secure than Wired. But really with a good router and your wireless clients (the computers) are set up within the good range coverage of the router then you hardly tell the different though. Linksys, D-Link, Trendnet, Netgear are some popular wireless router brand. You can get a decent one less than 100 bucks nowadays

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  1. A. Eaddy

    A linksys router are really good. Can be used with any connection, dsl, cable, whatever. However, it's not always just the routers fault, could be that your over clocking your system. Delete any files, don't have as many programs running, and do a bimonthly defrag on your computer. (Defrag is in your accessories, system tools)

  2. Ms Durham

    YES AND NO. Yes I can be the wireless router; some port are close or you are to far from it. NO its not your router maybe you pc is to slow or have to many programs open at the same time; may be you have to many start up programs that are unnecessary go to your run command or search in the start menu and type msconfig to disable some of those start up programs. Also I can be your internet provider that may have some issues with their network. I hope it help, good luck..


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