Internet Signal Booster

What does a person need to do to improve wireless internet speed (accessing internet through card in computer with Verizon)? How much is a signal booster and does it make a difference? Thanks. I'm talking about having a wireless internet card for a computer through Verizon (broadband access). If the speed is not fast enough can a signal booster help. After looking around, I learned — If you're talking about a Verizon Wireless card, you need to be a cellular carrier to start with. Even though you can buy cellular boosters, running one is highly illegal. (And if you cause interference to Verizon's cellular network, they'll be only too glad to help the FCC throw you into prison. ) If Verizon doesn't have enough signal where you need it, view if another carrier does – that's about all you can do. If you're talking about Verizon Internet, and you're using a wifi card, that's a completely different matter. You can move the wireless access point, or add another one in the area you need coverage.

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