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Can you really pay one of these sights and get 3000+ channels? And are they real channels like ABC and cable stations, or are they the same ones you can watch on a free world wide web TV website (which are in another language). After looking around, I learned — Yep, world wide web TV is real just like HBO is real . Lol no if you want to watch TV on your PC, you can buy something called a TV tuner card. . And you don't need the internet. "Tv channels" youre thinking of install software to your computer and then have like 5 particular episodes from 12 particular tv shows from a "channel" like MTV, and then some of the "channels" are, "Marty's News Channel…." etc. In other words. . dont do that. Just get the card I listed above. .

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of buzz around the connected TV – television sets that as well as letting you watch content from tradition. . .

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  1. Marcalo Durham

    No I bought it and it just gives you links to bunch of websites and any dont even work try p2p websites to get them free or tvu


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