Use London Powered Access Rental Companies to Look After Your Lifting and Shifting Problems


Booms, scissor lifts and cherry pickers make for powered access equipment that eases a lot of strain when requiring reaching or placing things at higher levels. This is not something that requires to be done at all times, and any equipment used for this activity can remain idle and unused. This increases the cost of using them, and it makes sense to find London powered access rental companies to cater for any such occasional requirement.

Even where companies do require such equipment regularly, it makes sense to avoid the capital expenditure involved in such machinery and get them on lease from rental companies. This then ensures that the maintenance of the equipment is taken care of by others, machines are never idle because of breakdowns, and the machines in use are always the latest and the most appropriate for the job on hand. Job requirements can always change and this allows for businesses to look for the higher capacity or reach required, by simply asking the rental company to change the equipment being hired, to the correct one. Where equipment is owned, this may not be so easy, and will require disposing off the old one and laying out additional funds for the new one.

scissor lifts

There are a number of companies in London who have made it a business to rent out such equipment to the businesses and organizations that need them. They station these equipments in large yards, which have a lot of other facilities for regular maintenance and parking, so that equipment can be sent out to the customer at a moment’s notice. Many requirements are time bound and at times will require special transport arrangements, as most powered access equipment is not permitted to move on public roads. They will therefore also need a fleet of flat bed vehicles to carry the lifts, or booms to the sites where they are required, and bring them back again after the work is done. In the case of long term leases, these companies agree to position the equipment at the customer’s location so that time and transportation are saved, and this can also lead to lower rates. They may also agree in such circumstances to allow the operation of the equipment by the customer’s personnel, as long as they are convinced of their competence and have the necessary license to operate this equipment. Long term contracts include definite scissor lift maintenance schedules and free replacement of equipment if there are any breakdowns.

Before you contact any London powered access equipment rental company check up on their reputation, the variety of equipment that they have, the condition of their equipment and their technical knowledge in this field. Good companies will offer to visit your location, assess the job requirements and offer equipment that may be more suited for the job, than the equipment you were thinking of hiring. They must be able to train your personnel in the use of the equipment and any need for safety arrangements in their use. They must also be able to provide any accessories needed during their operations.

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