Making the most of local marketing

How To Capitalize On Local Marketing

Everyone gets all excited about SEO, or search engine optimisation, and then they forget about local marketing, which is where most of your customers are going to find you. Many local businesses still are not aware of the importance of ranking successfully in the local Google Places market place, as well as in Manta, Yahoo, and Yellowpages. One such company making use of this new phase of Search Engine optimisation is Dartford SEO Agency who have seen sales and leads boom in the past few months.

Google automatically assigns each business a place on a list that is included at the top of each Google page. You will be included if you are local, have a business address that can be found on Google Maps. You may not be at the top, but you will be included.

If you will take the time to “claim” your position with Google by filling in all of the pertinent information, including any and all pictures of you, your products, and your services, you will more than likely be in the number one position.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to stand out ahead of everyone else in your local field by simply filling out some information. Granted, the information is somewhat detailed and will take, maybe an afternoon to get the information filled out. But it will be worth the effort for you spend the time.  The information that you will submit will give your prospective customers plenty of good information about you, your business and what you have to offer to them as a business.

Now go ahead and fill in the information for Manta, Yellow, and Yahoo. Chances are you might dominate the entire first page, or close to it once you complete all of the information.

If you really want to kill it, give Manta a call and they will help you optimize your information so that your business will never be off of the first page. This will cost you a small fee, but the business that will be generated will pay for the cost.

The next thing that you absolutely need to do is to hire a knowledgeable marketing company such as Local Marketing Results who can build a webpage that is geared entirely to mobile devices. A recent study has shown that over 60 percent of the online searches are now being done on mobile devices, so if you are not set up to capitalize on that, you may be missing 60 per cent of your business.

If you own a sub sandwich shop and people who are out shopping look up “sub sandwiches” they will find you, and these are ready and willing paying customers who are coming to your business now, just because you made a simple decision a few weeks earlier. If they are already out and about, it makes perfect sense for them to look on their smart phone for a place to have lunch.

All of these different local techniques can be blended together into one comprehensive plan that will work to steer potential customers to your business. If you cannot set all of this up yourself, you need to hire it done, and sooner, rather than later.

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