Microwave Technology

I think it was the show : Would I lie to you? Or 8 out of 10 cats that briefly mentioned that we can only microwave due to aliens and it all comes from Area 51 – out of curiosity I googled it but only got sci-fi stuff ect (obviously). I'm not a nutter but just wonderin if theres any truth in it all. From what I can tell… Janell is confused; microwaves have nothing to do with radioactivity. Radar and microwave devices use roughly the same spectrum. Radar, of course, uses much more power. I once visited the Dalmo Victor plant in CA and saw the results of an accident in which a coke machine got zapped by a radar being tested. The paint was scorched, and inside it was a real mess, with melted solder and exploded bottles. Radar was a British invention during WWII to locate German bombers crossing the channel at night.

Some facebook post related to the use of microwaves as a weapon or for criminal psychological harassment. Updated July 2013: This is the first video I create. . .

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  1. Mindy X1

    If you mean microwave cooking, it was discovered accidentally, when chocolate melted in somebody's pocket when they were working at a radar station.


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