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I asked a question about broadband earlier and a few people mentioned mobile internet, which I'm not familiar with. How does it work? Does anyone have it? Would you recommend it? Pros & Cons? I live in the outskirts of my town. . Would there be reception problems if I'm not near town centre? My mobile phone provider is Vodafone, but I'm guessing I can get it from any provider, is that right? Oh, and is there a difference of speed, etc with normal broadband. Well, I have your answer. Mobile broadband is the next generation of data on the move. The networks have upgraded their infrastructure to allow a larger amount of data to be sent through "mobile phone signal". This increased capacity has allowed them to provide broadband like speeds ANYWHERE. They then made mini-USB modems that plug into your laptop/pc, that allow you to surf on the Internet wherever you get phone signal. The mini modem has a sim card in it like your phone. I have it on Vodafone and cannot complain. I would ONLY recommend it if you cannot get broadband through a fixed line or need to browse the net/check emails on the move (with a laptop). Benefits are portability and ease of use, but it is slower than normal broadband and speed varies with reception. I would recommend visiting each network provider's website and checking your coverage at your postcode. Yes you can get it on most networks; Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone. I hope this helps, if you have any more questions just email us or visit our site.

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  1. Rachel Lowell487

    3G is good and fast , but there are any area s where theres no signal but on the whole very good


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