New Technology In Education

. After looking around, I learned -• Information Technology in Education Information Technology has been used in schools since the first Apples were introduced. However their impact was limited. As technology has advanced educational software has become a major influence at all the levels from elementary schools to universities. The ability to connect students together over a network such as the Internet opens up fantastic educational opportunities. Elementary schools and secondary schools are using computers to play multimedia educational programs to teach the kids. Information Technology in Training Training programs in business and various organizations are huge and expensive. To save money and improve performance, companies are using Computer Based Training (CBT) to train people on procedures and techniques they need to know in their jobs. CBT ranges from relatively simple on-line help systems to sophisticated virtual reality machines such as those used by the military and airlines to train pilots. They rely on video conferencing.

2. 5 Information Technology in Entertainment Information Technology is used in entertainment to create or enhance a production or performance. The tools have become so sophisticated that it’s becoming almost impossible to distinguish between the real and the artificial in film and photography. Movies Information Technology is used in movies to create special effects. Music Music software allows us to edit recorded music or even create our own.

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