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Since it still uses ancient carburetor engines they used 30 years ago? And what's fun about watching this race? You just look at cars going in circle. Essentially — Not really. It could look that way. These teams spend $75,00-$150,000 on an engine, and you can't actually believe that the technology is somehow primitive?? It's really just relative. Example: The Indy 500 has always permitted engines of different types to compete against each other, limiting each type of engine to dimensions that are designed to equalize any advantage held by one type of engine over another. In the sixties they even raced a couple of turbine powered cars in the Indy 500. They were fast, but all fell just a few laps short of the five hundred miles. They were even dominant. In the nineties the Roger Penske noticed that the high revving Indy Car engines were all in the same horse power boat, and couldn't gain an advantage over it's similar competitors, so he turned to ILMOR Engineering (an F1 race engine manufacturer that Penske owned a part of) to have a low revving push rod engine (much like they use in NASCAR) for one race. The Indy 500. Low revving push rod engines were allowed greater engine displacement at Indy. Roger won another Indy 500 that year, and his cars just drove away from the competition all day. In 1013 a Renault with a duel overhead cam, four valve per cylinder, cross flow head equipped race car won the Indy 500. Engines like that have been available for a very long time, but in racing the only thing that matters is that all of the competitors are on the same page, and are running under an equitable rules package. Any technology, when everyone can do the same thing, or not.


  1. TuffGirl Durham

    How many times do people have to diss NASCAR… Its tradition man. Leave them alone. Its the American endurance race thats been leading the worldwide racing leagues for half a century… It have does change technology like headsets for safety warnings nowadays but thats all reallty…

  2. Wiz

    It hurt's my feelings too

  3. Marcalo Nesmith

    It's purposely low tech to put the race in the hands of the driver and crew, instead of the car. A trained monkey could drive an F1 car, with it's cheat box (traction control) NASCAR realized a long time ago that sports fans are interested in human drama, not modern technology. As soon as F1 gets that, maybe americans will start giving a damn about it. Bite me mbl, F1 sucks pal, that's all anyone needs to know about it.

  4. Depressed Richards

    It's named tradition man. Like wine, older is better.

  5. A.

    I'm not sure which is more ignorant. Your question or "know it all"s answer. When it comes to F1 he should change his name to "knows nothing".

  6. Dee Eaddy167

    Your seem highly uninformed on automobile mechanics and racing. I race cars on the weekend, I don't just see cars racing around in a circle, I see a highly physically demanding sport that takes superior mental concentration and extreme talent. The average person cannot drive 180+ mph for hours on end with 40+ other cars around.

  7. Rachel267

    Don't want to watch cars go around in circles, go watch some guys throw a little ball around like in football or baseball, or people kick a little ball around like in soccer, or guys hit a puck with a stick like in Hockey. Or maybe your into bowling or golf.

  8. Randi Camry

    Actually they're thinking about switching to fuel injectionreason they still use carb is because they're easier and faster to tune and adjust on the spot, but im sure you knew that. . . You probably didn't, im sure you also don't know that you don't need a computer for a carb to operate, but you do need a computer for a fuel injection system to even function, and like I said carbs are just easier to adjust real quick during a pit stopand where's the Nascar circle track? Haven't seen it yet, they're all oval and tri ovals, couple road courses, still no circle tracks, learn your shapesand trust me, i'd rather watch 43 800+ horsepower beast bumping each other than people playing with balls, any sport sounds simple when you simplify. Baseball you hit a ball with a stick and then run around in a square (they actually go in a circle if you run full speed around all bases you move out and then back in like taking a wide turn), basketball you run around bouncing a ball and then shooting it in a hole, football you run around with a ball and kick it between 2 poles, soccer you run around kicking the ball into a net, and hell drag racing they don't even turn, want me to do more?damn I love proving idiots wronglook if you don't want to watch Nascar then fine I could care less, go play with your balls if you want I don't care just, but why try talking trash about something you don't even watch? Because you want to feel like your smarter or better?just remember 2 things about Nascar- in most sports you only need 1 ball, in Nascar you need 2 balls- most sports normal people can go play in the backyard or for fun, Nascar you can't, trust me it takes more skill to be a race car driver, you either have the skill or you don't, normal sports you can see 5 years olds play, can't do that with racing. Also normal sports almost anybody can make into the pros or a team on any kind of level if you practice enough but racing like I said you either have it or you don't

  9. Florida Dree

    They changed a little bit when they went to 99 octane unleaded gasoline.

  10. Paulina Fujiyama

    Well actually the engines today are designed on new technology.


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