Recombinant Dna Technology

What is rdt. From what I can tell… Recombinant DNA tech basically means that you use a cloning vector from a bacteria to replicate a desired gene. So, for example, when you want multiple copies of a certain gene for an experhyment you would use this technique. Also, this is how bacteria can be ‘tricked’ into reproducing proteins and other compounds that humans use, like insulin. It’s important because bacteria replicate quickly so you can get lots of copies of a gene in a small period of time. The simplest organism to do this in is E. Coli, and other prokaryotes like E. Coli have a plasmid vector which is a circular DNA molecule along with the rest of their genetic material. The way it works is that the plasmid vector is isolated, and digested with restriction enzymes that cleave the DNA at a known sequence. Then, you pick the gene that you want to replicate and use the same restriction enzyme to cleave it. Now you have ends that can be hybridized together, so you ‘glue’ the gene of interest into the plasmid vector with DNA ligase. Then you allow it to be taken up into the bacteria (called ‘transformation&#039 and the bacteria will replicate it like their own DNA and when you have lots of bacteria you can isolate the gene again and have lots of copies of it. Of course, not all bacteria have plasmids so you ‘select’ bacteria that did take up the DNA by growing it on a solid medium with an antibiotic like ampicillin. This will kill off all bacteria without plasmids because the antibiotic resistance genes of a bacterium are found in the plasmid, so only those with the gene survive. There’s more to it, but that’s it in a nutshell

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