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I have a samsung tv (2010) that is internet capable but says it can not connect to our wireless service. We purchased a lan stick to see if that would help and we are still unable to connect. All of our items (kindle fire, ipad and laptops) connect with ease no mater what room we are in. HELP. I think I found an answer. Here's the information I found by searching. Hope this may shed some light on what you need to do to connect to the internet. Some Samsung TVs have built-in wifi and other TVs require a wireless adaptor called a Link Stick (sold separately). Both options offer quick and easy connection to your home network. For more information on how to hook up your Samsung TV to the internet, go to www. Samsung. Com/spstv and search for your model TV.

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  1. Mandy Raneesh

    Ahh ask your service provider


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