Satilite Internet

. After looking around, I learned — Satellite Internet is good for browsing the web and reading email. However, anything more than that does not work well. The problem is that signals have to travel from earth to a satellite in orbit and back. Even though they move at the speed of light, it takes almost a second for a signal to get from you to the Internet and back. This is called latency. A second may not sound like much, but since you are constantly sending and receiving a lot of small packets across the Internet, and it adds up quickly. A normal latency on a cable modem, by contrast, is about 50 ms or about 0. 05 seconds. The satellite provider will give you software that works with your web browser and email program to cache data (basically, your computer will anticipate your requests for data so you don't have to wait). However, if you want to do something like play online games or connect to your office's network to work, forget it. In general, satellite Internet is popular where there is no other choice. It is a whole lot better than dial-up, but if cable or DSL are available, opt for that instead.

I have had Wild Blue for about a year now and it is the worst internet I have ever had 🙁

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  1. TuffGirl Robot

    Sir plz. . . Tell me how to connect directly to satilite if u know plz. . . This is a request


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