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Question: I’ve heard of SEO Optimization when you do tags and stuff. But can someone explain to me how to properly tag your videos? Thanks in advance!

Answer: How to rank your videos for page #1 of YouTube

Ok, I don’t know if you knew that, but YouTube is having it’s very own keyword tool to help you see how many searches a keyword is getting per month. It’s not as advanced, as keyword planner, but it gets the job done. Click here for the YouTube Keyword Tool

This tool will help you find keywords that get many searches, so it will be easier for you to pick your niche. Anything that has 3,000+ searches a month is worth the shot.

Here is my basic formula to rank YouTube videos in the YouTube search results. Once your videos are ranked well, they will also appear as “recommended video” more often:

High Retention Views + Video Likes + Niche Comments + Subscribers + Social Signals + Onpage optimization = YouTube Page #1

While ranking for Google might take between 2 and 6 weeks, ranking in YouTube can be done in under a week. All my videos usually rank page 1 before they hit day #10. Now let’s take a deeper look in this formula.

High Retention Views

Probably the best way to show YouTube that your video is of high quality is to have as many views as possible. Not just views, but high retention views. High retention views are the views that will watch your videos to 90-100% of its length. This shows interest.

You can upload your video and wait for it to go viral, or gain views on it’s own, or you can also buy the views.

I prefer Seoclerks for puchasing views

Video Likes

Needless to say video likes are there to represent the quality of your video content. If you are going to buy likes as well, I recommend you to stick to the 5% rule. If you buy 10,000 views – get 500 likes (5%).

Also to make your video appear more natural, add dislikes as well. 4:1 is a natural ratio.

Video (niche!) comments

Comments are even more important than likes when we talk about ranking.

Ideally you will want niche comments. What are niche comments? Niche comments is a term I made on my own, it means that it’s good to have your keywords mentioned in the comments.
I recommend you to aim for no more than 3 keywords, then make these 3 keywords to appear in the comments. This will definitely help you.


There isn’t much to say about subscribers, except that it’s normal to also gain subscribers when your videos are going viral, and getting views.
I can’t say whether or not subscribers help you ranking, but I always do it for my videos.

Social Signals

Social signals are another mandatory part if you want to see your video ranking on page #1 of YouTube.

Basically YouTube is another social media website, however, it’s based on videos. Therefore having social signals from other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. is just showing Google that your video is quality, and it deserves to be ranked. It’s only logical for a high quality youtube video to get shared on other social websites.

You can purchase social signals from the Warrior Forum WSO section, or again, go to fiverr. Aim for quantity again (as we did with the backlinks). The more the better. I have noticed that Facebook, Twitter and G+ are giving the best results, so aim for these when you are purchasing social signals.

Onpage optimization

Onpage is another VERY important factor when it comes to ranking. When creating your videos you will be given the option to enter Title, Description and video tags.

Always mention your main keyword in the title as the first word, and then add some extra text, such as date/month/year or CTA text, for example:

How to clean your PC from viruses – January 2014
How to install wordpress – EASIEST 5 MIN TUTORIAL

When it comes to your video description, you want to make sure that the first line is structured as following:
(In case you want to redirect the traffic to your domain of course.)

I also recommend you to write at least 250 words description, and link to your channel at the end of the description. Make sure to mention the keyword once per 100-150 words. Also include your additional keywords.

For tags: There are many opinions on those, but I tend to add my main keyword as the first tag, and then add the additional 1-2 (max 2 additional) keywords.

BOOM! Viola! A few days later, you will start noticing your video moving up the charts like an Eminem song

Yep, it’s that easy to rank your YouTube videos! One of the greatest advantages with YouTube views is that it’s way easier than having a webpage. You can rank in a matter of days, and start gaining targeted traffic! Targeted traffic is what brings money

Some tips to not get your videos removed

1. NEVER EVER Link directly to an affiliate product/page. Don’t use link shorteners as well. If your video gets even 1 or 2 flags, it will be taken down.
It’s better to redirect the traffic to a page of yours. Best option is to redirect the traffic to squeeze page and capture their emails.

2. If you are buying Views/Likes/Subs/Comments – always make sure the numbers makes sense. A video with 20,000 views + 200 likes + 0 comments + 0 dislikes doesn’t make sense.

3. Make sure your content does not violate the terms of service of YouTube. AKA no nudity, racism, hate speech, cracks, hacks etc.
Just don’t provoke the haters to flag your video. Also it’s good to deliver what you offer.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Marlo

    If you are SEO expert then you can optimize your youtube by using innovative seo techniques.if you have interesting and unique content that can help answer a question, solve a problem, educate, entertain or create emotions, people could be more interested in watching an entire video. You should conduct keyword research or a content analysis to help come up with potential topics that your customers might be searching for or want more insight on. Also, check out what your competitors are doing to engage their community through videos, and think of how you can incorporate their tactics but in bigger and better ways that speak specifically to your community.

  2. Gem

    try best keywords

  3. Christine

    use tags

  4. Nirmala


    Well I guess you are looking for some popularity on YouTube.
    I have a couple of tips if you want to read and benefit so you can get more YouTube Views.

    1- Make a good quality video, and if possible set it to high definition. Also make it widescreen. People prefer to watch videos in HD and fully wide including me.
    2- Choose popular topics and review your videos before releasing them to the public.
    3- Try to use content targeted keywords and create eye-catching thumbnails. I don’t know why people look at thumbnails before watching the video but I guess the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” goes wrong here.
    4- Share it with your friends and family, spread it on social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc.
    5- Post it on your blog, or forums like digitalpoint etc. And you can even post it on digg, stumbleupon etc.
    6- Make the videos short and to the point so you get good rating.
    7- Interact with the commenters and subscribers.
    8- Add in RELATED video responses to videos which are already popular. 9- Ask people to subscribe saying you’ll upload new content regularly, use the call to action strategy and you could ask for it at the end of the video.
    10- Add in a link at the end which would take your user to your other videos.
    11- Be patient, it takes time to get noticed. However if you are not really patient, there are some paid methods out there aswell.

    Check out http://www.YouTubeViews.Info and http://www.YouTube-Views.Net
    Those are two sites I would recommend since I used their services and I trust them.. I don’t know how they do it but whatever method they use seems to have worked for me.
    I would recommend them if you are looking for instant results.

    If your video is stuck on 301 views, don’t worry it’s just a new video and YouTube wants to verify the views count to see if it’s real views or not. It’ll go away as soon as you get more views.
    Ask yourself this question, why do you want so many views? To get more popular, to earn money, to rank higher in search engines, do get more subscribers and the list goes on. So work hard for it or trust an expert with the job.
    You can even earn money from YouTube once you get popular. Like Google Adsense or YouTube partnership. So do try that you are able to benefit from that extra revenue

    I also know of a software you might want to use. It’s automated YouTube Marketing, so yeah it’s pretty cool!

    Hope I helped!
    If so share this info around with your friends 😉

  5. Shreety


    It’s tough to get youtube views but main thing is ranking in the youtube search or showing up in YouTube first page because of a lot of popularity..
    That’s possible if your video is already very popular..

    I would say you could use some help to promote your YouTube Videos.
    They’ll help you get a boost for your video..
    I have used them and got a big package so my video shows on YouTube first page in certain categories..
    Now I get all the views naturally through the first page of YouTube or through the YouTube search..

  6. Alen

    Do a keyword research for your your video topic then make a video title with best possible mix keywords and give description .. after All make your video unique and sharable.


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