Technology And Science

. Essentially — Technology older than science? Hmm. Actually it takes science to create technology whether the science be engineerring, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Technology is the product or brain child of people who have used laws of science (knowingly or unknowingly) to create something. With science, we can learn how things work around us and we can apply that knowledge to create new things. Think about the discovery of fire by humans. Many early humans probably weren't aware of the science behind creating it but maybe realized that if you do A, you achieve B(fire). Though they didn't invent fire, with the knowledge of fire, they were able to create new technologies over the decades. So in inconclusion, science is older than technology. Technology is the product of science whether people understood the science behind what they created or not prior to inventing something. Hope this answer helps you. Have a beautiful day and good question..


  1. Lyz Raneesh

    Tricky question, but one answer is that it is all based in discovery.

  2. Lyz XXX96

    Making huts from branches, stone tools and controlling fire is technology, not science. Some South Pacific crows poke stalks of grass into holes in logs to catch wood borers. That is also technology. Chimpanzees that use rocks to break nuts are using technology.


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