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What is the relationship between technology and work today? To what degree has technology made it possible for American jobs to be moved to another country? What are the benefits and disadvantages of "outsourcing" American jobs. After looking around, I learned — What is the relationship between technology and work today? Technology has adversely affected the quality of life and work because it is used inappropriately. For example, large companies working on large projects will often utilize the telephone to coordinate efforts of team members rather than bringing people together in the same location. The sense of being with others is lost. Corporations are attempting to use economies of scale to drive out competition, but as a consequence, efficiency and the quality of products often deteriorate. For example, increasing percentages of our food originates on mega-farms run by huge corporations packaging a food-like product. These corporations gain special favors from politicians to support these monstrously large operations. The small farmer often cannot benefit by these laws and will be bought out eventually. The food produced by these mega corporations is mostly over processed. It has a long shelf life and contains genetically modified growth hormones, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants. In contrast, a smaller farm using less modern technology will produce fresh food that is far more nutritious and healthy. The down side is it takes a lot more human effort and cost and shorter shelf life, but personally, I'm willing to pay for quality food. What is the relationship between technology and work today? Much of the latest technology acts like an intermediary between people. In previous decades, there was much more face to face contact. And so today, much communication is secondary. That can lead to alienation. Doing more with fewer people can be alienating as well. When I go to a government office, for example, I often talk to a different person. This supposedly is more efficient, but I believe that it is far less efficient. I think it is inappropriate application of technology. Similarly, one office installed a loud bell to indicate when a customer was waiting for service. This drove many of the workers to the brink of quitting. To what degree has technology made it possible for American jobs to be moved to another country? It was mostly the trade agreements that allowed export of American jobs. The technologies that enabled this include communication (the telephone, fax, computer) and reliable transportation (ship and airplane). It was not the latest technology that drove this possibility quite honestly. What are the benefits and disadvantages of "outsourcing" American jobs? People in other countries get jobs. The larger corporations get a bigger profit margin because their costs are reduced. If you'd ask the typical American worker, however, I think that he'd tell you that he'd prefer to have a job than to save a few dollars by buying cheap goods from China at WallMart. Several Americans lost their high paying union jobs and now work at places like WallMart for a fraction of their previous incomes. Let's be real about this topic.

Ever stopped to think about the technology that we use everyday? This video looks at how technology is impacting our lives in 2013.


  1. Rachel Nguyen551

    I dunno

  2. Bright Eyes Lowell

    First, technology is like the very air we breathe. Can you imagine a day without one? Technology has reshaped the way we work and borders were opened to welcome the global workforce. Now, businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring talents all over the world. Cloud computing services and other innovations make it possible for people in various nations to work as one, even if they are separated by land or seas. Outsourcing is the future of doing work and it should not be blamed for loss of jobs. Outsourcing saves many small businesses money, specially in this tough times. When labor is outsourced, it means cheaper cost = cheaper products.

  3. Karen

    Technology = communication. Communication = business. It's been easier to outsource jobs since the invention of the telephone (more instantaneous communication than mail). Outsourcing benefits – the crappy jobs get sent to other countries where people are less likely to be picky about work conditions or pay. Cheap labor, cheap products. Disadvantages – people lose their jobs when the work gets moved overseas. Technically you're outsourcing your work right now through the use of technology – I'm an Australian answering an American student's homework question.


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