Vex Skyrise Full 6 Foot Scissor Lift


  1. TheQ IsSilqent

    It still has some problems, but the idea is coming together.

    On another note: Who’s ready to build a great FTC robot? We have some great
    ideas, but we will not be publicly sharing them for now…

  2. Ben Mullen

    Word of advice you are probably already aware of, more than one chain would
    be a lot better. I can just imagine that chain breaking in a match so

  3. Dom Brown

    the q is silent can u guys show us how it works from the side in a
    different video pls

  4. Spyder 1622A

    very cool

  5. Gregc96Gaming

    Hey man, just a tip, at 2:49, on the shaft for the chain loop, there REALLY
    SHOULD be bearings. Not sure if the other axles are like that, but figure
    they may be.
    -Greg Carlson Team BNS

  6. Marco Tanda

    the chain design is a very bad idea for a cube intake… its hindering your
    height capabilities and it’s very slow

  7. Bob Landsaa

    I really like you idea. One thing I would suggest is an anti tip devise
    since you robot stays up the whole match. 

  8. Nina Gouger

    canyou send me a picture of your robot?

  9. Rosemary Hofstedt

    those are awesome socks

  10. Travis Skiles

    Look out for bot 5122A and 5122B! Haha good luck this season!


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