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I live out in the country in a small town. My dial up service costs $25 per month for 40 to 44 Kbps. I got an email from WildBlue that says I can get their service for $39. 95 per month for life with speeds of 1 Mbps, no activation fee, free installation & no equipment fees. I'd like to know if it's worth switching? We do a lot of downloading & surfing for home school. If it slows down from to much use in a month, how slow does it get? Is it reliable? What are the problems I should expect? Can anyone who uses or has used WildBlue services tell me about their experience with them? What is the slowest it has ever been for you. Well, I have your answer right here. WildBlue is the owner of a satellite that supplies net to a lot of small town isp's. I'm sure in bad weather and cloudy days it will slow down. Although, so does my small town isp. Remember they have threshold (limits) I too wonder if its worth the switch. Download Thresholds* 7,500 MB Thats 3,000 web pages, 200 photos, 300 video clips, 300 songs and 20 files. 12,000 MB Thats 6,000 web pages, 400 photos, 400 video clips, 400 songs and 30 files. Do you limit heavy bandwidth users? Similar to other Internet Service Providers, WildBlue manages its network through a Fair Access Policy so that extraordinary usage by a few customers doesn't negatively affect the normal usage of other customers. For the vast majority of users, the Fair Access Policy has no effect on their usage. For a few very heavy bandwidth users who exceed the Fair Access Policy's thresholds, the system will restrict their speeds until their usage falls below the threshold. See WildBlue's Fair Access Policy for details. 17,000 MB Thats 10,000 web pages, 500 photos, 500 video clips, 500 songs and 50 files.

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