Window cleaning the world’s tallest building – Supersized Earth – Episode 1 – BBC One



    Amazing huh, They can send a man to the moon and build the worlds tallest
    building but none of those rocket scientists can come up with an automatic
    window cleaner……..

  2. MrHallOfPain

    These people deserved to be paid just as much as celebrities. 

  3. drie wiel

    Some think a parachute is the most important kit to wear but actually it’s
    a diaper.

  4. Calvin Wong

    fuck that, should put car window wipers on the windows instead

  5. shubus

    You’d have thouht they would have put in an automatied window cleaning

  6. Mark Gaddy

    100 thousand billion dollars wouldn’t get me up there!!

  7. Gary Taylor

    I am just trying to determine how much that job would have to pay for me to
    even consider trying it.

  8. Michael Weston

    Even though I know that the rope is 99.98% safe I still wouldnt be able to
    hang from the side like that or even repel. My brain wouldn’t be able to
    comprehend such a thing. If someone forced me at gunpoint to do it I might
    do it but even then is be wailing like a babe all the way down. This as a
    job would be ridiculous. This is coming from a guy who’s in the 82nd
    Airborne division and has jumped hundreds of times. Also Air Assault
    qualified but wouldnt do this. 

  9. TenebrusI07

    Once you get past 100ft i imagine a few thousand more is no big deal. It
    all kills you the same, with the burj you just get a scenic trip down.

  10. kezren89

    Lets hope they get paid good money

  11. Tradjick .

    The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has the world’s
    highest windows. The BBC joins the team whose heart-stopping job it is to
    clean them. It’s not coincidental that at the beginning of this video you
    can hear the soundtrack from Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

  12. sheet bug

    No thanks I’II stick to my day job.

  13. Suspended Access Systems Ltd

    Our industry is coming on leaps and bounds with new developments happening
    all the time. The design and thought process of the burj khalifa is truly
    an engineering master class

  14. ABC Window Cleaning Supply

    #ICYMI Check out this incredible BBC clip about high rise #windowcleaning
    on the Burj Khalifa

  15. kingcrimson234

    With all our advanced technology now, they still haven’t figured out they
    can put oversized car windshield wipers on these damn things?

  16. Fred Flinstone

    The biggest thing that sucks with the wind this high up is what you
    squeegee off often blows up on what you just cleaned. Another is the
    heat/sun, you do not want warm water and you have to squeegee quick before
    it evaporates. Tallest I did was 30 stories, it is all the same once you
    get over 20 stories., I would do it again, just not there.

  17. Ra S

    ha nicely place vertigo music

  18. Atma Khalsa

    In my experience it doesn’t take too long before it is just a boring job
    and the height really is no big deal at all. Really the worst part of
    window cleaning is the long term effect on your health from repetitive
    stress of holding a squeegee and torquing your finger and wrist joints. I
    have some serious osteoarthritis in my fingers from 28 years of window

  19. Ken Spalding

    that would get your heart rate up, doing that job.

  20. Nathan Falceso

    Why clean an empty building?

  21. John Neumonic

    these guys don’t get paid well enough for the job they are doing. they
    probably get paid between 20-25 an hour if that. Probably less if they are
    not legal residents. 


    i want this job !!!!!!

  23. Jason Payne

    not for all the tea in china….

  24. killabannana

    Wonder how much damage pee would do off the side of that building

  25. Nicholas Evans

    I wonder what the winds are like at that height. The highest building I
    cleaned was only 22 floors and quite often the water wouldn’t trip down it
    would blow back up over the pane of class you had just cleaned.


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