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Hi. What is Wireless Internet? How does that work? What is the basic idea of that? Does it depend on any of the radio signals or something? How does the data gets transmitted? If a comp. User is in a remote village where there is no sort of radio signals or any mobile towers, does that net works? Hope you understand my questn. Thanks in advance. After looking around, I learned — Wireless net can refer to one of two things: Internet that doesn't need ugly networking cables all over your house to hook up computers, or, net (usually for a laptop or portable device) that does not even require a transmitter under your vcontrol, and often uses a sattelite uplink to browse the web. The former is much like normal internet: A wire is hooked up to your house, it comes out of the wall somewhere in your house and hooks up to a little box thing. That is where the similarities end as far as hardware goes. Also with wireless, this little box will transmit the net to computers in your house equipped with the proper receiving devices (either a card inserted into the motherboard of the computer, or an external device attached to a USB port[or any other port really, but most mainly USB]). Normal net has a wire coming out of this device, which you would plug into your computer, or intop a router which will split the signal to eseveral other wires for your computers. The latter option is (at least all that I've heard) for laptops and PDA's and the sort. It does not require you to have the transmitter set up in yourhouse on your connection. You simply have an attachment or built in feature that allows communication with sattelites or transmittor towers that serve essentually the same purpose as the device previously mentioned. Usually really expensive too. Not for me. Hope this helps

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  1. Dee RR969

    Its basicly 2-way satalite


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