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I have netgear internet wirless and a wireless g broadband router. Is there anyway I can hook it up to internet without buying the $100. 00 wireless box for the 360. After looking around, I learned — Short answer Yes, but its complicated. Please give more detail if you want a good answer though, a netgear internet wirless? I assume a wireless router. And then a broadband wireless router(verizon gives those out I know, a pain) Basically you an use a gaming adapter, I know madcatz and I believe linksys sell them. You connect them to your PC, set all of the settings, then you connect them to the Xbox via the ethernet port and it acts as a wireless transmitter. Or you could use a laptop that has a wireless connection, just bridge them What you can't do is put one router near the Xbox and one connected to the internet, and then connect across them. You need a wireless bridge or "extender" for that, not a regular router.

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  1. Marcalo Jackson

    Yes u can dis able the netgear and pull out the web wire/ cross it with the broadband and hook it up to your router or where ever u get web fromp. S- ask if need more details


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