Worker on Scissor Lift Electrocuted


  1. Francisco Rocha

    As always

  2. Timothy King


  3. prot-equip

    This should never happen: Worker on Scissor Lift Electrocuted.

  4. Syclone0044

    Wow, just awful. I almost felt sick when I saw his tennis shoe. What a
    tragic waste of life! Everybody thinks it won’t happen to them until one
    day it does!!! My heart goes out to all who knew him. I can’t imagine how
    crushing the feelings must be, of wishing you could go back and undo this,
    but knowing full well that you can’t. 

  5. Turvallisuusuutiset

    The whole lift rental should be located elsewhere, where there is now
    powerlines overhead! The warning signs won’t help and there is a great
    likelyhood for this to happen again!

  6. simov8chevy

    Who the hell in their right mind would open a yard, where YOUR engineering
    staff have to max out YOUR mewps as part of their job, so close to power
    lines. The fact that somebody can contact a power line with a 26′ scissor
    beggars belief!!!!!

  7. Patrick Towz

    Well that sucks.

  8. Katniss SONGS effie LYRICS


    fact: it is not the volts what kill you it’s the amps

  9. AlainHubert

    They should have at least installed stoppers to avoid letting lifting
    equipment going under those power lines !

  10. BUNCHofxs

    I just realized something… it seems like every single electrified wire i
    come across is insulated EXCEPT the ones that will kill you. I mean,
    seriously, would some rubber insulation NOT protect you from say,, 50kV????
    Or at least insulate you enough from a flash over as long as you were not
    dancing on the lines attempting suicide.

  11. Mary Smid

    looks like they’re using his tragedy for an ad

  12. Bob M. Tyranny Destroyer

    Good video!

  13. USNVA

    Why don’t power companies run a low voltage bottom wire below the high
    voltage lines? Any contact with this lower wire by machinery would set off
    a flashing light and audible siren at the nearest pole warning the worker.

  14. Neapolis

    This is terrible. I work for an equipment rental company and we have a
    safety huddle every morning. Sometimes I think it’s stupid because of the
    things they come up with. But they are right, We all need to be reminded of
    the situations we can encounter on the yard while checking a unit out
    and are not any different on the job site, Just different circumstances to
    deal with. Do a 360 degree evaluation up and down before beginning any type
    of work. At least that’s the way we do it. Be Safe!

  15. Jana 2oo3

    looked at the line, then reached for it. suicide? o, it’s a simulation.

  16. Virtualgod2009

    0:38 actually unless he was extra dumb and decided to raise himself between
    phases he just got a line to ground zap. 24,940 (25kV) = 14,400 and 138kV =
    79,780. Still plenty enough to do him in though.

  17. Aktenzeichen Laibachs Hoden-Wohl

    So what is the Lesson from this? Blur things sucks!

  18. tall32guy

    <3 RIP to him!


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