Student Robotics – ThunderBots – Scissor Lift prototype with pulley system V01


  1. Andrew Cottrell

    Awesome! How’d you plan on getting the boxes onto and off of the lift?

  2. Cranbrook School Robotics

    Hi Andrew. We have in construction (currently part final aluminium, part
    plywood prototype still) a gripper mechanism which is made as a module
    based around a perspex encased gear chain. This module is mounted upon the
    lift, and at the input of a command the module opens up to reveal its full
    box gripping ability…..

  3. nallac705

    Me and my friend are thinking of doing something like this for an
    engineering. Can you give us some advice on how you did this like height,
    materials etc. it doesn’t have to be exact it can be simplified if you
    would be more comfortable with that but any help would be greatly

  4. nallac705

    Oh god sorry for my horrible grammar an engineering project I mean.

  5. Cranbrook School Robotics

    Well materials can be anything; plywood and dowel as seen here, or
    aluminium/steel etc. Height is simple. start of with a few layers then add
    an extra on or two if needed. It is easy to build upon. Be warned – with
    more layers comes more friction, something that needs to be taken into
    account when using the lift. Sorry for the delayed reply. Any other

  6. Joe Well

    wow, that’s probably the most stable scissor lift I have ever seen!

  7. 석승민

    At the moment I am doing the Warman project where I need to program the
    Hoever, I don’t have any clue how to program and run this Scissor lift.
    Do you have any advice how will this scissor lift work with working on

  8. jackson98765432

    What type of chain did you use? Our school group is trying a similar idea
    to raise a scissor lift with as little force needed as possible


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